WELCOME TO 9JABEND ADVERT Advertising! Advertising!! Advertising!!! Are you a business man/woman who own PRODUCT, SERVICES and BRAND that interested in growing your business, service or brand? Then come let's make it 9jabend is avaliable to all business man/woman by passing out your product, services and brand information to the public hearing.

    9JABEND will Pass out your product, services and brand information to all Nigeria Phone number as sms to them and also abroad

    1. 9jabend will pass out your product, services and brand information to the public hearing and that will to a result of customer to your business.

    2. 9jabend pass the location of your product, services and brand to the public, where they are needed and opposite house to that business and organization will be needed.

    3. The manager of the product, services and brand, information will be needed like manager phone number and email.

    4. The product, services and brand, social media page will be needed like their facebook page and twitter page and other information on how customer who need to get to the place where product, services and brand can be found and those information will be needed.

    5. 9jabend will pass your product to througth the radio like cownfm 89.9 or Radio Delta 88.6 and JFM 95.1 to help us inprove your product, services and brand.

    6. 9jabend will post your product, services and brand link to his Social media page for the public.

    We also advertise different type of banner.
    So if you are interested on our advertising Send email to 9jabend@gmail.com or call us on 08026900634 Be bless as you continnue


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