WELCOME TO 9JABEND PROMOTION Are you working in a studio or a PRODUCER, DJ MIXER and a MUSICIAN Who want to promote his/her music? Interesting, You know to become a superstar or man of the year is not a day work, You must make sure your music is sell and marketed by a fast and good Promoter. Here we are suring you that by God grace we are among of the good Promoter that can help you to let the public know about your music and also

    1. Our platform is good for you to promote your music and Dj mix

    2. Why we say so, because we bring the best to our MUSICIAN and DJ MEN that promote their music and their mix

    3. Our platform allowed description the owner of the music such as social media page like twitter follow page and facebook like page and any type of social media where the listeners can use to collect to that particular music owner both the musician phone number are needed

    4. We try to make our musician and Dj men to be the best and man of the year also your music will be play on Radio like Crown fm 89.9 and JFM 95.1 both Radio Delta 88.6, 9jabend will pay for those RADIO STATION manager to play your music to the public hearing.

    5. We will post your music link to our social media page for the public like facebook, twitter, googleplus and many more for them to visit your music and download it and also we post your music to google search engine, yahoo search engine, and waptrick for your music to show on google and yahoo both waptrick

    So if you want to promote your music or your DJ mix and you are interested in our promoting programming form, and your request Send email to 9jabend@gmail.com or call for quick 2 secons reply on 09030476395 good onice always send or call be blessing as you continues with us


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